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 From shameful hair experiences to a business.

 At the young age of 14 I had my first embarrassing hair             experience.  One day after church a friend pointed out a long   strand of hair on my cheek.  I laughed it off, but inside I was   mortified!  Adding insult to injury, he also pulled the hair from   my face.  

 As I got older I began to notice unwanted hair appear on other   parts of my face and neck.  By my early 20's my facial hair   growth grew rapidly out of control.  I was tweezing my hair on   a daily basis; scarring my skin while unknowingly   promoting   additional hair growth. 

 At the age of 26 while working as a Certified Nursing   Assistant, a few adults at work drew unwanted attention to   my facial hair; I felt like that embarrassed teenager all over   again.  I couldn't bare it any longer, I had to find a solution to   this humiliating hair problem.  

 After extensive research online, I learned about electrolysis,   the only FDA proven permanent hair removal procedure.  For   six months, I committed to a weekly hair removal session.  

 Now free of my embarrassing face, neck and chin hair, I am   now more confident, full of life and energy.  

 My beautiful skin is revealed!

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